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About Lauren

It takes great courage to ask for help.

My name is Lauren Ellis and I am a New York State licensed psychologist.

My approach to therapy is collaborative and acknowledges the importance of relationships in our lives. We may explore some of your earlier experiences to understand how they have impacted your approach to your current problems. That being said, my approach is also focused on building the skills to live your best life in the here and now.

Prior to launching my private practice in 2011, I worked in a variety of in- and out-patient settings across a variety of mental health conditions. 

Some prospective patients have also found it useful to know that I am a trained yoga teacher and practitioner, and that I was a NYC public school teacher before I pursued a career as a psychologist.

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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy offers a personalized, one-on-one setting where you can work directly with me to navigate your emotional journey, conquer challenges, and foster mental resilience and growth.

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy provides a constructive space for partners to foster improved communication, strengthen their relationship, and work collaboratively with me to navigate relationship complexities and challenges.